what are the main web browsers out there?
As the Internet has become increasingly popular, the range of browsers available to individuals has increased. A browser is the software, which allows the general pubic to access the World Wide Web, browsers can also be useful for the use of internal intranets which are typically used within companies. The first browser was developed in 1991 by a gentleman named Tim Bernes-Lee, the software was called WorldWideWeb, hence any domains now beginning with www. Following this, numerous other browsers were created although few generated the popularity, which Microsofts software did and still holds, this is known as Internet Explorer. This was developed in 1995 and brought a browser battle to the front where browsers were fighting for the number of users. Due to the size of Microsoft and also the ability to incorporate Internet Explorer with its operating system Windows, Microsoft became the market leader and by 2002, 95% of Internet users were using Internet Explorer.

Despite holding a massive share of the market during 2002, this share has dwindled down to 60% (as of April 2010). This is due to a number of reasons including, the increasing use of different operating systems (moving away from Windows which traditionally supplies Internet Explorer), and the increasing popularity of Apple Macs and also the increased range of browsers available, namely FireFox and Google Chrome. Firefox developed by the company Netscape is one of the major competitors of Internet Explorer, and as of April 2010, the Firefox browser held 25% of the markets users. There is an ongoing debate between Internet users in regards to which browser is the best, the users are very much split. The main difference which appears to be brought forward I that FireFox offers extra plugin functions and also offers more security features, although it must be stated that members on both sides of the debate can pick advantages and disadvantages of both.

As can be seen so far, the main two web browsers holding most of the market share are icrosofts Internet Explorer and Netscapes FireFox. Apple Mac computers, which of late have seen a surge in sales, are provided with browsing software known as Safari, this browsers holds 5% of the market share. It holds the typical browser style with all the traditional features held by Internet Explorer, such as a search bar, back and forwards button. The main search engine Google provides the final major browser within the market, the browser is known as Google Chrome. This is a relatively new browser and was only developed two years ago; despite it being a new browser it already holds 7% of the usage share. If a prediction is to be made it could be predicted that Google Chrome is likely to increase in popularity, this especially due to its popularity of being a search engine provide, search toolbar provider and also due it being an email account provider. Many web developers also invest large amounts of time and money in focusing their efforts on the Google search engine in relation to search engine optimization (SEO), this in the future, may be easier to carry out within the Chrome browser.

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